Okay folks, we need to talk. Of course, a little Christmas decoration here and there is nice, if it is of good taste. But what some of you are putting out there simply goes over the top. The world doesn’t need another 50 LEDs flashing in fourty different colors from a pile of plastic that tries to imitate a tree.

In an attempt to fight the spread of ugly Christmas decorations, I took a stroll through a Swiss residential neighbourhood and filmed the worst specimens I could find. Public ridicule may be the only effective remedy we have left to cure this outbreak. Therefore, I invite you to watch the resulting videos below and enjoy yourselves.

Merry Christmas!

Let’s start off easy. The proven decoration model: “Do you think we need another hook? Nah, two are fine.”
Some good elements here and there, but overzealous. Enough is enough, come on.
Yeah, I don’t know, don’t ask me.
Hideous stuff.
Ggggguesss who’s in the criiiib tonight! The Sacred Boy!
Definitely contains flashing lights, exercise caution.
It almost had you there, didn’t it? Nah, this is some ugly stuff, I warned you.


Music: Holiday Hop by Steve Oxen (fesliyanstudios.com)
Videos: Luc Schnell
Featured image: Luc Schnell